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PPC advertising is a good option when there is a lot of competition. When people are actively looking for a new provider, the ability to appear high in search results is quite helpful and may help you attract patients just when they’re attempting to discover you.

With various platforms to select from and an infinite amount of ad styles and targeting possibilities, it’s critical to concentrate on specific tactics that may help you stand out from the competition. We’ve compiled a list of the seven tactics you should use in your dentistry PPC marketing agency to assist you with that.

1. Target Niche Keywords

People occasionally look for “Dentist in Orlando” or the ever-growing “dentist near me.” Running advertisements for broad location-based keywords is a fantastic choice that will help you attract clients requiring regular, ongoing cleanings and exams every six months.

Even though specialty keywords will probably never have the same volume as your typical “dentist near me” search, they may still be quite valuable in and of themselves, mainly if you’re marketing high-value services like aesthetic operations.

2. Think About Starting “Emergency” Campaigns

Search advertising is a terrific approach to getting in touch with clients who had a tooth knocked out or had an infection after removing a wisdom tooth. People often don’t have a list of “emergency dentists” until they need one.

Create campaigns for keywords like “emergency dental services” or “emergency tooth repair” if you provide any emergency services. Run these advertisements just while you’re open for emergency services for the most outstanding results to cut down on unnecessary clicks and patient wait times. To boost the possible relevance of PPC for dentists, you can also think about utilizing Google Ad extensions to give yourself a bit more area and specify the precise emergency services you provide.

3. Find Your USP

You must develop ways to differentiate your office when running discovery campaigns, such as those on Facebook, Instagram, or Google’s Display Advertising, where consumers see your ads without looking for them.

Think about transparency as well. Early on, you may establish trust by displaying photos of you and your staff grinning or the practice owner with their family (including furry members!).

Even if it’s simply the fantastic individuals you work with, every workplace has something that sets it apart. Display that in your discovery advertisements since doing so will help you draw in patients who weren’t explicitly seeking you and perhaps even steal them from your rivals.

4. Utilize Extensions To Your Full Potential

With extensions, you may figuratively expand your campaigns by providing your target audience with new, pertinent information. The example uses extensions that enable you to display your office’s phone number and links to particular pages on their website that provide informational tidbits. In our example, they even have a connected option for “schedule an appointment” to swiftly get interested patients set up. The latter option makes it simple for potential patients to explore other services or pages of your website.

5. Use Testimonials As Leverage

Testimonials will give you a competitive advantage while also instilling trust in your target audience from the first time they see your advertising campaign. Consider using more of them in all types of dental PPC Management Services , including search and discovery adverts, to make a good first impression on potential patients.

You have a few options for how to utilize testimonials. One of the simplest is to use actual quotes from patients’ evaluations posted on your website as text for your advertising efforts. To immediately recognize a testimonial, always include it in quotation marks.

6. Promote Well-Liked Services

Over time, the popularity of various dental surgeries and treatments ebbs and flows. Just like everything else, that is typical. For instance, charcoal treatments are popular now, and fewer individuals get braces since more people choose alternatives like Invisalign.

Run targeted advertising efforts for these highly sought-after services once you have them. You can conduct search campaigns without a doubt, but this is also a terrific choice for display advertisements. The therapy was probably previously mentioned to your audience; they weren’t aware of its availability or accessibility.

7. Obtain A PPC Audit From A Reliable Company

As you test all these techniques, things might get a little disorganized and determine which platforms, audience targeting choices, and text work best for you. It might be challenging to determine what is working, why, and how it can be further enhanced.

Ultimately, there’s a significant possibility that at least a portion of your advertising costs too much and performs below expectations compared to what they could be if you aren’t having your campaigns audited or monitored by a professional agency. To be sure that your advertisements are working for you rather than against you, think about setting up an audit.

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