6 Dental Marketing Strategies for Driving New Patient Growth

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Your dental marketing plan must be tailored to the web and mobile platforms where most people spend their time in today’s fiercely competitive industry. Additionally, providing tailored experiences is what customers have grown to anticipate and is essential to your marketing success.

1.  Quality Content and Dental Website Design

Websites should be optimized for desktop and mobile platforms and offer the most incredible user experience possible.

A dentistry website’s flexible design is crucial, especially with other essential elements like increased speed and quicker loading times. It produces a website that will likely engage visitors who stay on your dentistry website longer.

2.   Using Google My Business and local SEO, establish your online presence.

To improve your online presence, you must optimize your content for local SEO. You may stand out in location-specific searches by using phrases like “dentists near me,” “dental offices near me,” or “dentists in (+ city/state).” Additionally, the more precise, thorough, and extensive your online company listings are, the better your chance of being found by search engine algorithms.

3.  Enjoy the Effective Advantages of PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) dental advertising is a compelling strategy for driving more visitors to your website.

The fastest way to ensure your practice’s visibility regardless of your search engine rankings is to directly advertise on search engine results pages (SERPs), social media, and other websites. While an organic dental marketing strategy will impact your ROI over time, it is essential to note that.

4. Online Testimonials Emphasize Patient Experience

Every patient interaction, including appointment reminders, follow-up care, and check-in, should be maximized. A positive patient review is more likely to be given the better the experience. Equally crucial is ensuring a seamless online experience.

It’s crucial to keep all digital material up to date. Personalize your text and email correspondence, and check that the routing and messages on your automated phone system are current.

The future of dentist marketing is the video!

5. Dental video marketing is one of the fascinating contemporary trends in dentistry.

Video storytelling can explain new techniques, convey information about various treatments, or provide an inside look at how your dental clinic operates. People watch web videos for 6 hours and 48 minutes each week. 66% of individuals get their information primarily from video, and 93% of firms report new customer growth due to branded video content.

6. Targeted Email Campaigns to Keep Customers

The retention rates of dental patients can be increased through email marketing.

With the ability to refer Medicaid clients and support company growth, loyal customers have a better ROI. Dentists’ email promotional strategies aimed at patient re-engagement are also quite good at bringing back patients who have stopped coming to the dental office.

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