Why AI-driven Digital Marketing is going mainstream faster than you expect

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Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous. Digital technology is embraced into every aspect of the automated and smart digital workplaces through Virtual Assistants, Chatbots, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, automating tasks, reducing costs, increasing productivity and enabling knowledge workers. AI technology is transforming digital marketing and delivering seamless omnichannel customer experience. Smart implementation of machine learning and AI allows you to analyze complex data to predict accurate results.


As AI begins to make rapid strides to automate work and minimize manual effort, so will the capabilities

to improve digital strategy, gain customer insights, and ultimately grow the business. Here are some of the areas AI can transform digital marketing:

Content-Intelligent Search

AI-powered smart search collects a large volume of data and behavior at a deep level and produces accurate results, thereby delivering a new search experience.

Predictive Behavior

Create your buyer personas based on past behavior, identify audience interests, affinities and influencer they trust. AI and machine learning algorithms analyze billions of information and interpret data to support the decision-making process.

Personalized Content Creation & Delivery

Marketers can craft promotional material using demographic information and use AI to help in content creation and delivery processes. Mapping out your customer journey and delivering better customer experience with AI and personalization. AI can make content variations that can be personalized in a more meaningful way based on customer type or location to improve customer experiences.

Email Automation

Brands are leveraging AI-powered marketing automation tools for increasing upselling and cross-selling your products and services through personalized email marketing campaigns. The fastest and the most conservative way to grow your business is to use AI algorithms effectively. Apply personalized email subject lines and messages for potential customers to generate leads and drive sales.

Customized Digital Advertising & Targeting

With the help of AI, digital advertisements becomes more effective by analyzing the user’s information based on audience interests, demographics, behavior history, and other aspects to showcase products and services. AI can build buyer personas by penetrating large data which is accessible through various sources. AI-powered digital ads provide better quality, engagement and brand positioning. Through AI,  businesses can personalize advertising based on customer preferences and target the right audience for their brand.


Chatbots are a computer-generated messaging platform created to engage with your human clients. Chatbots provide automated responses to answer questions and help solve issues in real-time. These bots can be effectively integrated into various applications and tools to improve customer service and promote your brands.

In the digital age, AI is making new open ways to elevate Marketing to new heights. AI improves efficiency and productivity, minimizes the workload of individuals and speeds up significantly faster with greater accuracy. Millions of workers may need to be reengineered because of AI and intelligent automation.

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