Google Ads Are More Important for Dentists Than Ever Before. Why?

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You may have noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about Google Ads lately. Why? It’s not an attempt to “upsell” you. When you run Google Ads, most of the money you spend goes directly to Google to cover your ad budget.

The reason we’re talking about it so much is that Google’s search results are constantly changing. The prominence and placement of ads on the search results page have shifted dramatically over time.

Nowadays, the ad space takes up the majority of the page above the fold.


Yes, it is correct. We may not click on advertisements because we work in dentistry marketing and are aware of ads. Consider someone looking for a highly specialized service and finding a slew of postings similar to those above. We know from experience that the user will click on the most relevant headline to their search.

In addition, ad listings provide more information than organic listings. You can change the text that appears to add pertinent details like your phone number, hours, and location. Everything is visible to the user at a glance.

What happens if someone clicks on the advertisement? So, when you come to us, we’ll direct you to a specially built landing page for your ad campaign. Consider the perspective of a potential patient who is looking for something specific. They click on an ad and are taken to a landing page specifically suited to their search. They’re more likely to convert as a result of their excellent user experience!

This exact circumstance occurs regularly. When done correctly, Google Ads can be a very successful way to bring your dental business in front of more potential patients on the internet.


A dentist may wish to start using Google Ads for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that you:

  • Are you a brand-new clinic in a crowded market?
  • Do you have a new website and domain and don’t want to wait for organic SEO to bring in new patients? (SEO is still an essential long-term strategy)
  • Have a particular offer you’d like to promote?
  • Want to promote a specialty service, such as dental implants, to attract more new patients?
  • Want to reach out to a larger area around your practice?


When all parts of your marketing approach are optimized, and in top shape, Google Ads may be very powerful. Your website, for example, should be well-designed, user-friendly, and constructed with patient conversion in mind. Organic rankings should have a chance to compete in Google search results if your SEO plan is in place.

Here’s an example of how you can use Google Ads to boost your marketing efforts.

Step 1: Create a website that converts new patients.

The first step in developing a successful marketing strategy is ensuring that your practice’s website is top form. You should have a stunning website design that takes visitors on a trip across your site, landing on all of the high-converting pages we want them to see before contacting you. A great SEO strategy goes hand in hand with your website design. This will increase the visibility of your website in organic search results over time.

Step 2: Use Google Ads to quickly drive traffic to your website.

You may use Google Ads to quickly increase traffic to your site once your website and SEO plan are up and running. Depending on your area, patients looking for a dentist in a nearby suburb can be targeted with a customized ad campaign, a high-converting landing page, and enticing language. Consider using a unique offer in conjunction with your Google Ads campaign. Something along the lines of a new patient special package or free cosmetic consultations.

Step 3: Use Facebook Ads to launch a retargeting campaign.

You may nurture those patients who don’t convert straight away with a cost-effective Facebook Ads remarketing campaign. It’s simple to get started and inexpensive; your campaign can begin for as low as $5 each day. You can embed a Facebook pixel on your website to record visitor information and correlate it to their Facebook profile. They might notice your ad in their Facebook stream a few days later. Isn’t that a great approach to remind them of your new unique patient?


The actual cost-per-click you’ll pay varies based on your region, the keywords you’re targeting, and the level of competition. Before you start using Google Ads, you need to know how much a new patient is worth. What is the lifetime worth of a new patient? Once you have that information, you can use our Google Ads ROI Calculator to estimate how much money you’d be prepared to spend on ads to attract new patients.

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