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Google Cloud Support

With the COVID-19 creating havoc all over the world, we understand that you are facing a tough time in keeping your revenues intact and your business running. Google Cloud is an incredibly reliable platform to stay connected and get everyday work done. Whether you’re running a highly demanded e-commerce website, augmenting your customer support team with Contact Center AI, powering prompt research, or helping your employees work efficiently and securely from home via Google Cloud, we at SocialHi5 have been offering our expert support services, without interruption, to customers across the world. Today, we are going to give you a detailed insight into our level of preparedness. 

Providing uninterrupted services when needed by our customers

In these unsettling times, our sole objective is to keep our systems accurately running. Our professionals have gone through rigorous training to be able to identify potential problems before they occur and overcome disruptions as quickly as possible. Besides, they constantly communicate with our group of leaders and actively monitor conditions in the global as well as the local scenario. 

When it comes to preparedness, you need huge amounts of computing and storage hardware to power your cloud workloads and G suite when using Google Cloud. Since it’s advisable to use one’s own hardware, we can make things much more convenient for you by forecasting the needed capacity months before to give you time to make arrangements accordingly without any shortfalls in our prediction. 

We also remain ever ready to help our clients by maintaining significant reserve capacity both inside and outside our network. Our years of meticulous preparation had enabled us to maintain the same level of infrastructural performance after the pandemic as it was before this crisis hit the world. 

Offering instant support to our clients whenever they need it

In order to ensure uninterrupted channels of communication between our team and yours, we have granted remote access to our customer support team to enable them to offer you secure support while working from home. We have several alternative strategies in place to prevent any disruption keeping you from reaching out to us. Our plans include our SRE and product experts as well to resolve complex problems. 

Upsurges are being faced by certain industries (especially media, healthcare, and retail) in e-commerce traffic, requirements for telemedicine, and other such services. We have put in place an enhanced support system (built to withstand peak demand situations) for those clients are the frontline warriors of this pandemic. 

Last but not least, we are allowing our staff to conduct remote collaborations to offer seamless Google Cloud support to our valuable customers. 

Committed to maintaining excellence

We have several tricks up our sleeves to pull out in cases of interruptions in services to make sure that your critical workloads have access to sufficient capacity, thereby enabling you to maintain your previous levels of performance. We are devoted to upkeeping the health of your systems that fuel your business. We guarantee to keep you regularly updated in the times to come.

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