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In the day-to-day hassle of your business, it gets quite common for one of the most important element to get pushed aside, it is your Branding. It is something which you should be mindful of; otherwise things may fall apart or may feel disconnected. And that’s definitely a concern because poor branding can lead to:

  1. Ineffective marketing
  2. Customer confusion
  3. Decrease in sales and revenue
  4. Poor brand recognition

So if you notice a crack in your branding, it’s time to pull it back to perfection. Here is where a Brand audit helps to identify the areas that need a fix, update or improvement.

Create a Brand Guide

Creating a brand guide can help you assess the way your brand sounds, feels or looks like. Let your brand guide have sections that describe your:

  1. Mission: The goal of your business
  2. Audience: The group of people you are trying to reach
  3. Values: The core principles of your business
  4. Unique selling propositions: The factors that make you unique than your competitors.
  5. Brand promise: It is the value that your promise to your customers.

Evaluate your Brand Design

In the next step, evaluate the design elements that you are going to use for your business collaterals. It includes your logo, fonts, brand colors, images, photos, and graphics. Once you decide on all these elements, you will bring a consistency on the look of all your marketing collaterals.

After you streamline the look of your brand, it is important to review the language and the content that you use to convey a message to your customers.

Use SEO analytics to check if the right keywords are used. Review you Social media analytics to check on what topics or messages your customers respond to the most. Check whether the important messages on your website data are viewed the most.

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Based on your Brand Audit Develop a plan

The value of a brand audit lies in what you do with the information that you have derived from the audit. Create an action plan based on what you have learned:

  • Outline specific issues: Prepare a list of problems that you discovered during your audit.
  • Develop an action plan: Come up with a step-by-step action place to resolve the issues.
  • Have deadlines: It is good to have deadlines to ensure that all improvements are made to your brand.

Having an authentic, cohesive and consistent brand is too significant for any business. Doing a brand audit can help you to improve your brand or even rebrand the image of your business.

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