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We are talking about dentists and Facebook. How does it match up?

Turns out, Facebook is just the thing that you have been looking for. With more than 100 billion users, Facebook is almost like an addiction that one can’t get too much of.

How can Facebook Help?

Facebook is no longer a platform which just allows users to share their experiences, life events and thoughts in the form of statuses, pictures and videos but has evolved as one of the best mediums of advertisement. It helps companies and individuals to help reach out their target group and pass on information and details about the product and services they have to offer.

Facebook advertising for dentists is a proven platform as it helps renowned dentists to reach out to their target audience on their newsfeed. This is done by analyzing the behaviours and interests of the audience, thereby driving new leads and a lot of exposure to the dentist.

Being an online dental marketing agency, California, we understand that as a dentist you do not have time to invest in looking for more patients and making your business grow and this is why we bring the patients to you by making them aware of you and the services you have to offer.

Here is how dentists can get more patients through Facebook ads:

  1. Ads which are customized – The ads that the target audience sees on Facebook is completely customized based on the services you as a dentist provide clubbed with the needs of the audience. For example, if you are offering a special discount on a kind of dental treatment, we create ads which showcase the discount and how it can benefit the audience. We also include a call-to-action button in the ad itself to increase responses while tracking the conversion rates too.
  2. Research work – All our Facebook advertisements are so well researched that we know what kind of an ad will help obtain a good conversion rate while also leaving a lasting impression on the audience. The target audience that we choose are the ones with similar interests and are well researched upon. For example, if a user has been researching on dental care tips or searching on information related to dental issues then he will surely be able to view your ads.
  3. Conversion rates – We keep a continuous track of the conversion rates and ensure that it remains high. We understand that an advertisement is futile if it does not push the target audience to visit you and make an appointment. We also take into consideration the number of calls made, number of leads acquired and total clients visiting your office with every ad put up on Facebook.
  4. Consider the location – We also try to target those users who are residing in the same area as yours thereby trying to get local customers at your doorstep.
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