Benefits of Local Citations for Dental Marketing SEO

What do you mean by local citation for dentists? How do local citations help in your dental practice? What significance does it have in a website’s success? 

These are some really important questions that might bother a dentist!

Also referred to as local business listings, through citations, Google ranks your website. Citations are references to your practice’s name, address, and phone number (commonly known as NAP) from other websites. As far as Google sees these NAP citations, it means that your local business is legitimate.

So, these local citations for dentists have a significant effect on their local SEO ranking.

Here, you need to look at the five topmost benefits of local citations for dentists :

1. Local Citations for Dentists suggests Google is happy with your website!

Google crawls a long list of things regarding websites, some of which are content-oriented, while some are more technically oriented. Among this list of things, Google prefers to see those websites that have no NAP issues of any kind. Whenever Google catches any NAP issues, that means something is questionable about that particular website. And such a questionable situation leads to the decline of websites in Google ranking. So, it’s really important to maintain a good citation profile to avoid the Red flag. SEO professionals prove quite helpful in making Google happy!

2. Rank in Local Maps and Organic Rankings with the help of Citation Profiles

Next, comes this question about how does Google ranks your website? It’s the number of links and citations that you have! Links and citation profiles are the criteria upon which Google ranks your dental practice. Although there’s no certain number, having 10-20 authoritative links sounds good. You want your practice to rank well in Local Maps and Organic Rankings. And that’s what an excellent Citation Profile helps you with! Google ranks your dental practice website based on your Citation Profile. 

3. Consumer directories is a beneficial add-on to your profile

When search engines go through local business directories, they can access local business information. Local directories such as MapQuest, Super Pages,, etc., serve as an advantage to your dental practice’s citation profile.  Thus, it’s necessary to keep updating your citation profile. Sometimes, it’s the most obvious thing that we ignore and pay for later. Make it an absolute point to keep your citation profile up to date. 

4. How about enhancing your Local SEO?

Your quality of citations built your local SEO strategy. Well-maintained citations result in a strong SEO strategy. While working with clients, you need to verify the accuracy of your citations to build an effective local SEO strategy.  The dentists need to keep in mind that their local citations are right. Otherwise, it’s all in jeopardy!

5. Bring in lots of prospective patients with the help of citations

Citations are essential to generate website traffic. The more there’s website traffic, the more the number of prospective patients. 

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