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Having over 900 million active users, Facebook is fast emerging as the most popular platform for marketing and featuring advertisements. Most of the companies and professionals have taken use of Facebook advertising in their favor. It goes same for physicians and according to a survey, 57% of dental respondents have access to some kind of social media platform.

Placing an ad on Facebook through a professional service is a great way to attract new patients and establish a regular communication with them. Today we will discuss the main benefits of Facebook advertising for dentists.

Large and targeted audience base

There are over 900 million users on Facebook and even attracting business from 1% of them is quite significant. The advertisements are programmed to reach specific and targeted audience depending on location, age, personal interest, job profile, etc. Instead of making your ads appear for everyone, The ads are made for users who have expressed interest in dental services. They also target local customers who would prefer a dental service nearby.

Low cost and prompt

Even the best advertisements for dentists on Facebook cost much less than other means of advertising like print, radio or TV. Studies have shown that average CPC on other advertising platforms like Google costs between $ 9.90 to $ 22.84 each click based on your industry. In case of Facebook, it is limited between $ 0.61.

Facebook page for personalized communication

Along with the ad, SocialHi5 can also optimize Facebook pages which enables the patients to leave comments and send personal messages to you. This provides for a better communication and increases patient loyalty. It also helps you to get back to your patients instantly.

Creative ads

Letting an advertising agency take care of your Facebook ads guarantee out of the box and unique results. They design the whole thing and you just reap the benefits.

Analytical report

Facebook ads made by agencies like SocialHi5 tracks the statistics to find out how your campaign is doing. You also get monthly ROI reports for added convenience.

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