The world is a big market. We all are marketers; we use different techniques to stand firmly in our positions. The old marketing ways like salesmanship, advertisement banners are old-fashioned. The world is revolving around Digital marketing!

Nowadays, most businesses are using internet technology to spread their business among people. Digital marketing includes SEO that is Search Engine Optimization that increases the website’s traffic through a search engine, and your brand gets exposure. SEO is a growing field, and its revenue is increasing day by day as the number of users is growing. Here are some new techniques of SEO for 2021 that might give you lots of unique visitors per month.

  1. Use an excellent title and description tags. 

A creative title always attracts people. You can take references from Google Adwords ads. When you search for a product, you see many ads. Please take a look at the tags they have used and add those tags to your Meta tag. For example, if you wanted to publish a blog about dental clinics, search it and observe the tags used in ads. Use them and be prepared to handle the traffic!

  1. Visit Reddit once in a while!

You can get many keywords ideas on Reddit. Go to Reddit and search for the topic of your article. You will see many threads related to the case coming up in the result. Observe the keywords that appear frequently and see how much people are talking about it. By doing this, you may know the interest of your targeted audience, and you can use those keywords in your article. For example, if you are writing an essay on dairy products, the keywords that occur repeatedly will be dairy or milk. Just look for them, and you will get plenty.

  1. Try using old blogs.

Old is gold! Try to repost the old blogs. Just take a look at them, and you might find an old blog that can boost the website. Choose from quality content and don’t fall for quantity. Many bloggers keep posting, but people always prefer quality over quantity. Reposting the old blogs with repolished content and re-SEO can be efficient to increase the traffic. Many businesses do not know this strategy. This is a trending SEO technique for 2021.

  1. You can try the keywords others use

Discover the sites that post on the same topic as you. You can get keywords from their sites which can be effective for your website. Check the site’s homepage in the keyword research tool, and you will get a keywords list. But sometimes, the keywords may not be discoverable, or they might not be helpful for your content. Find the keywords that are best suitable for your business.

  1. Google search console can give you more traffic.

Google search console, an SEO tool, gives data from Google, making it more legit. You need to log in and go to search results. Search already ranked keywords and check their impressions. If you see more appearances for a keyword, that keyword can help you to increase the traffic. Then you need to do few steps as follow:

  • Add images and videos
  • Build backlinks
  • Make longer content
  • Try to improve the click-through rate
  1. Add links wisely

When you need to add two or more links to your article and they are on the same page, do not forget the first-link-priority rule. Google pays attention to the first link only and ignores all the others. So take care when you put links that direct towards your site. Use good anchor texts using keywords.

  1. Make your content more than 1800 words.

Keeping your content longer can make an impression that you have researched deeply for your searchers. Long posts are recommended to divert traffic to your website. Also, this content is suitable for searchers who use mobile. Lengthy posts have more effectiveness than smaller ones. Making your content up to 1800 words can increase the dwell time of the searchers, which is the time a searcher spends on the site. 

  1. Search Wikipedia for the topic

If you are using the Google Keyword Planner to generate new keywords? It’s suitable for monthly search volume info, but it gives variations of the seed keyword. But to find unique and new keywords, you can take help from Wikipedia. Wikipedia has almost all the niches included in it with heaps of information. Finding new and unique keywords for your topic from Wikipedia may feel like finding pearls from the ocean! But if you look for its contents list, see also, and internal links. You will get heaps of new keywords and topic ideas.

  1. Improve your link building

You must have seen the niche of ‘best of blogs. They give the information about the best things. For example, best movies, best music, etc. You can use them to get the links for your content. Just open Google and type ‘Best dentist blogs to follow, and you will find sites that provide the result with internal links. You can use those links in your article for promotional purposes.

  1. Manage your keywords in the title tag

 Try to embed more than one keyword in the title tag. It makes your site more discoverable. Check which keyword gets more searches and try to include it in the title. You can try ranking the page for more keywords.

  1. Write content that people would like to share

People pay for quality things, no matter if they are expensive. This also implies SEO strategies. If you want a good ranking in Google, your content should be shareable. Quality content is the basis of SEO. To make your content attractive, you can use some of these tips.

  • Make it colorful. Use videos and images.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Use short URLs
  • Put share buttons to share the post on social media.
  • Try using infographics
  • Use numbers in the headline
  • Mentions influencers 
  • Keep it long but practical, don’t mess with the quality.
  • Add Adwords ads and hashtags.

Google specified that it doesn’t use social media for ranking, but when people start to share your content and use your backlinks, the website gets traffic indirectly.

  1. Use Wikipedia to find broken links.

Broken link building is scalable and hence useful for SEO. Editors, when they come across the dead link, they don’t delete it. You will see a footnote saying ‘dead link.’ This dead link indicates other editors before they delete it. Search for dead links related to your topic and open Wikipedia. When you find a dead link in Wikipedia, you can create content related to that slow resource and replace your connection with that dead link, but it will be a single and no-follow link.

  1. Don’t underestimate this word.

Studies show that you can get an appropriate response when you include the word ‘because’ in your outreach email. The use of it lets the people know the reason quickly, making a request more legitimate.

  1. Authority sites are your friends.

You must have heard about the Hilltop algorithm. It tells Google which pages have more comprehensive information. It is determined using the quality of the outbound links those pages have. If you link to at least three quality resources, Google will realize that you are a Hilltop hub. It will increase your site’s discoverability, and you will get a higher rank.

  1. Be on the front page.

You surely would want your website to be on the top of the search results. If you are struggling with your SEO techniques, try these,

  1. Find the keywords which rank on the 2nd or 3rd page
  2. Try to recognize authoritative pages on your website
  3. Use these pages to add internal links
  1. Add a description to your YouTube video.

If you have videos on YouTube, add a quality description to them. Don’t just add one or two lines because Google cannot understand it. Google looks for the title and description. If you write an excellent 200+ words description and include SEO keywords, it will certainly appear on the first page of the search engine. More descriptions showcase your efforts and make an impression on Mr. Google.

  1. You can find undiscovered keywords.

You might have heard about Visit the site and create a scenario. You get a unique link when you start ‘my scenario.’ Share this link with the targeted audience, friends, and family. You will identify which keywords they will use. Add this list of keywords in Google Keyword Planner.

  1. Give a chance to your keywords.

Originality is unbeatable, and you should take advantage of it. Please create your keywords and optimize them. Instead of going for popular and exact, old and used keywords for a topic of your niche, if you try something unique and new, you will probably be the only one who is using that keyword. That will get the traffic to your website. The special keyword can be related to many searches that will benefit you as well.

  1. Build more meaning to your content

Yes, you guessed it right! Semantic SEO makes content more meaningful. It would help if you thanked the Hummingbird algorithm. Now Mr. Google can understand the topic of your content. To use Semantic SEO effectively, first, optimize your page, as usual, using your target keyword. Then cover the subtopics around your target keyword. By doing this, Google will understand your page’s topic, and it will rank it accordingly.

  1. Link building opportunities for your topic

If your page has more links, it will stand out in the crowd. Using, you can use the specific associations related to your niche. When people sell their site on, they give all the details, including keywords they had used! You can find many quality links here. So why not give it a shot? You will need to add your keyword related to your niche and set your target number of users per month. 

  1. RankBrain: You ranking master!

Rankbrain is the first machine learning algorithm of Google. Whenever a user searches a keyword in Google, Rankbrain turns it into a concept and generates results. It checks whether a page satisfies the user or not. If it doesn’t help, other pages appear as results. When a runner meets the user, Rankbrain increases the rank for that page. Rankbrain is Google’s one of the top 3 ranking signals. To optimize your site for Rankbrain, try to enhance your click-through rate. Also, if users are leaving too early from your site, the bounce can harm your ranking. The searchers stay longer, that is, the dwell time; if it is more significant, your site will rank higher by the Rankbrain. To achieve this, prefer quality and crisp content. 


These are the best and new SEO techniques of 2021 that are in trend. You can either use all of them or try a few of them at first. These techniques are helpful for beginners too. The conclusion of all this is to post quality content, which is the most crucial part. Once you create a firm base, you can decorate it with your imagination. If you have a good range in your hand, other techniques will boost it, and your site will score a good rank in the search engine! 

So which strategies are you going to use? 

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